Interview with 5th Annual ePortfolio Contest Graduate Winner: Jaye Betancourt

What about e-Portfolio excited your interest? Why did you continue to develop it?

In all honesty, I was not excited about ePortfolio at all at first! I wasn’t looking forward to the assignment. However, now, I wouldn’t trade this assignment for the world. Though it was mandated, as I began to dive into the experience, I saw it to be a unique opportunity to showcase myself in a way that I’ve never been able to do electronically. I also saw it as an chance to express myself professionally and personally on an electronic platform in a way which can often get lost in regular resume formats.

jaye2I said to myself, think about it? Can you really showcase your music video, the songs you’ve written, or even the food and dishes you often make in a resume? Often times, candidates for employment don’t make it to that face-to-face interaction that often seals the deal! Therefore, I decided to continue to develop my eportfolio because it was strategically designed to showcase all facets of my life. As I continue to matriculate in my professional career, it will only begin to continue to grow and showcase the longevity of a media professional—me!

What was your approach in designing your pages?

Though the interface seemed challenging at first, you definitely get the hang of it. Therefore, my ideology and approach was professionalism, easy navigation, captivation of interest and above all else, excellence. I wanted it to look like it was, an official website created by a team of professionals.

Therefore, I literally mapped out and wrote out what I wanted to include, what I didn’t want to include and above all else what would sell me as an individual. This is why I began with a strong cover page that leads to tabs that are similar to that of any website we frequent. I wanted a piece of academia, a dab of extracurricular activities, a splash of the diversity of my career as an entertainer and professional, and end it off with a page that made me transparent and real to the audience.

What advice would you give to students just getting started with ePortfolio?

My advice, do it afraid! My reflection was “Pushing Beyond Self to Better Self!” You may not be forced to make an ePortfolio as an assignment, but don’t let that be the reason you don’t make one during your time here at Pace! It is a great resource and it can open so many doors. Think about the time, effort, and energy you put into social media. Whether it is Tumblr, Pinterest, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, or any of the countless others. Take some of that time to build a platform that can showcase how great and talented you are.

When you’re first getting started, I’d be lying if I said it comes easy to everyone. However, once you get the flow, you will become addicted to the site! That’s a promise. You will find that the interface becomes smooth, the features are convenient, and thankfully it’s not HTML – not everyone has that gift! Lastly, use PACE as a resource. There’s an entire team dedicated to ePortfolio and are willing and able to help.

How has your ePortfolio been useful/beneficial to you?

ePortfolio has been convenient and useful. Since going to Pace and having an ePortfolio, I’ve been employed at CBS, NBC Universal, co-host of The Huffington Post Live. It’s always a topic of discussion at various media-related events that I’m at. When I’m networking among various media colleagues, people often say wow your resume is incredible and that e-Portfolio is so unique it makes you come alive!

Academically, it has made me a stronger student, and now graduating from the Media, Communications, and Visual Arts Master’s Program at Pace, I look forward to continuing to use it even as an alumnus.

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