5th Annual ePortfolio Contest Undergraduate Winner: Jessica Rose

It wasn’t easy for Jessica to start her ePortfolio, but once she spent some time learning to navigate it, she was hooked!

She started crafting her ePortfolio in her public speaking class. After uploading some images, she started experiment  with text fonts, colors, and tried to display her information in an eye-catching way. She also made sure everything on her ePortfolio was there for a reason and not just taking up space.

jessica 1

Her advice for other students is to have patience and play around with the platform. ePortfolio showcases who a person is, so they should use it to show what they do, the activities they are involved in to give people an accurate portrait of who they are.

Jessica says her “favorite part about ePortfolio is that nothing is set in stone, it really does grow with me, and it is a place where I can showcase all that I have done.”


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