October ePortfolio of the Month: Charlene Chen

The October ePortfolio of the month winner is Charlene Chen! Charlene is a graduate student at Pace University and is currently working toward her Masters in Media and Communication Arts. She was first introduced to ePortfolio by her Industry Theory and Practice Professor in 2014. She describes her first experience with ePortfolio as a fun opportunity that allowed her to showcase her academic work, projects and even personal experiences. “I can design it as whatever I want. The functionality of ePortfolio is strong”, Charlene explains. Her outstanding ePortfolio was not put together all at once, but built up throughout the years. Charlene didn’t know how to use ePortfolio right away; she was overwhelmed by the many different ways ePortfolio allows you to arrange the pages and tools. At first she found it difficult to adjust the size of her pictures, text and other media into her pages. Once she got the hang of it, she found it easy and fun to showcase her ideas.

Charlene has outstanding ePortfolio pages. Her ‘Ad Showcase’ page features all the work she’s done making advertisements. Every time Charlene makes a new ad or project, she adds it to her ePortfolio. She has been building this page up for years and it is amazing to see all the unique work she has created. It is easy to see how passionate Charlene is just by looking through her ePortfolio pages.


Charlene has showed her ePortfolio page to her friends as well as her employers. Her friends loved her pages and found it awesome that Pace provides this tool for students to be creative and express themselves. “It sometimes works better than oral communication skills,” Charlene states. While being interviewed for an internship, Charlene showed her interviewer her ePortfolio page. The interviewer loved it so much and Charlene ended up getting the internship. She believes her ePortfolio definitely helped her in securing the position. Charlene’s favorite aspect of ePortfolio is that it allows her to take video and text from her own social media accounts. She loves that she is able to incorporate that into her ePortfolio. “With personalized design and description, I can lead my audience to my online presentation through a brief introduction”, Charlene explains.


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