Announcing New Active Learning Classrooms at Pace

What is an ALC?

The concept behind an Active Learning Classroom (ALC) is to provide an environment that can support lively discussions, multimedia, group work, video conferencing capabilities, and presentations while offering the flexibility of allowing students to work simultaneously using their laptops and mobile devices.

Our ALC designs at Pace are focused on flipped learning, group collaboration, and project work. Teaching strategies can incorporate live electronic polling (Poll Everywhere), clips from films, easy transitions into breakout groups, and group presentations.

ALC Features

Pace recently created two new Active Learning Classrooms in our Pleasantville Campus. Miller 21 and 22 are equipped with two styles of movable furniture – individual smart desks in Miller 21 and rollable tables in Miller 22. Both rooms feature full-length writable walls, 3 large flat screen displays, and a mobile instructor podium station that can wirelessly connect to all 3 monitors.

See the photo gallery below for examples. The full list of features includes:

  • Smart desks and tables easily configurable for group activities
  • 3 Large LED Display Systems
  • Displays can be used individually by breakout groups or show a single image on all 3
  • Writable walls along the entire classroom
  • Displays can be positioned higher to allow using more writable wall space
  • HD camera allowing web conferencing with remote participants
  • Wifi connectivity
  • Mobile instructor podium with wireless access to control the classroom PC
  • Optional connection to hookup an instructor laptop to the displays
  • Charging stations along the walls for student devices

ALC’s Coming to New York!

ITS has announced two ALC’s coming to the New York campus for the Spring 2015 semester in One Pace Place (W510 and W511). Both rooms will be equipped with the same features currently available in the Pleasantville ALC’s.

Request An ALC For Spring 2016

To schedule an ALC for your course, click here to login and fill out the OSA scheduling form. Indicate that you would like to reserve an ALC in the Other Comments box. Ideally, faculty should submit their request before or by November 16th for the spring semester.

For more information about ALC’s and other classroom technologies, visit the Digital Toolkit on the ITS website. You can also get in touch with the Academic Technologies team or Ed Media for questions about equipment and instructional technologies.

Join The Discussion

Are you currently using an ALC this semester? Have you found certain classroom strategies to be particularly effective? Do you intend to reserve one for future courses? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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