September ePortfolio of the Month: Samantha Jenna Clarke

Our September ePortfolio of the month is Samantha Jenna Clarke. Samantha received her bachelors in Media and Communication Arts at Pace and is now a graduate student completing her masters in this field.

She was first introduced to ePortfolio by her freshman orientation leader. She was excited to learn how to express herself virtually on ePortfolio. Although it took her a while to figure out how to fully use the system, a few of her professors helped by demonstrating how to add content and make the pages unique.

Samantha has slowly added to her pages almost every semester. Even during her first year of graduate school, she continued to experiment with the different aspects and opportunities available through ePortfolio. She has developed many pages, and each is unique.  Her Academic Materials and Professional Preparation page creatively demonstrate the amount of work she completed during her time at Pace.


“Each time I gained experience in my career path, I was able to add to my ePortfolio.” Samantha says. “I would add pictures that were relevant, papers I worked on, and projects that I took on.” She has shared her portfolio with multiple professors and classmates and even included a link to it on her resume, so future employers can view her pages.

Samantha’s favorite aspect of ePortfolio is that she can be creative and visually present all of her academic and extracurricular achievements. “Writing words on a resume is one thing,” she explained, “but illustrating examples and presenting imagery to the words is unique and powerful.”




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