Capabilities of Blackboard

Our work with the Pace community, Blackboard’s annual BBWorld conference, and a recent study by Educause [1], has gotten Academic Technologies thinking about how we can harness the capabilities of Blackboard and our array of technologies through five questions:

How can Academic Technologies and ITS…

  • Use Blackboard to foster collaboration and engagement across campus?
  •  Promote more effective use of technologies?
  • Connect with the digital literacies and technological aptitudes that students already possess by leveraging Blackboard and other technologies?
  • Promote advanced features of Blackboard, including its array of communication channels
    • Collaborate or Skype for holding virtual office hours and class meetings, and discussion forums for engaging students; alerts for assignments, grades, and exams; grading tools; multimedia tools like Echo 360 and the Kaltura video management platform that are integrated into Blackboard; and Blackboard mobile access?
  • Harness the power of Blackboard’s analytics and personalized features (practice questions, quizzes, and dashboards) to tailor the learning experience to the needs of students?

To address these questions, we have strengthened our arsenal of support materials. This fall, take advantage of:

As always, you can speak with one of our staff or set up a consultation: phone: 914-773-3333; email


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