March ePortfolio of the Month: Adina McCray


Adina McCray is our March ePortfolio of the month! Adina is a freshman Communication Arts and Journalism major. She was first introduced to ePortfolio in her “Communicating with Social Media” class taught by Dr. Pulaski-Behling. Throughout her pages, Adina incorporates her academic and professional experiences as well as elements of her personality.


Adina wasn’t sure what to do when she first started using ePortfolio. “I thought it had to be more of an online resume and display of my employable skills, but after seeing other people’s pages, I saw that we could add a touch of our personality to the portfolio,” Adina says. She was able to quickly figure out the different layouts that are available to support the diverse content for each page: “For example, on my Showcase page, which features a lot of videos, I alternated descriptions of the videos and the actual video on opposite sides of the page.”


Adina has shared her ePortfolio with friends, family, her advisor, and potential employers. Adina has found ePortfolio useful. “It has become a valuable asset to me” she reflected. ”I have promoted it on my resume as well as on my business cards.” She has been told that “it’s an exemplary showcase of my skills as a student as well as how quickly I adapted to using ePortfolio.”

Adina’s favorite part of ePortfolio is embedding videos. She has worked on many video projects, and she’s embedded them on her Showcase pages for viewers to easily watch. “It’s user friendly,” she says, “viewers can watch any of my videos without leaving the page. It also makes the page pop and look unique”.




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