February ePortfolio of the Month: Tameka Bazile

Tameka is a senior Criminal Justice Major. She was first introduced to ePortfolio in her freshman year English class. “At first, ePortfolio was a bit difficult for me to work with. I never thought of myself as the least bit creative. However, after I got the hang of it, it was easy to make it my own. I was way more creative than I thought!” Tameka said.


When Tameka put her ePortfolio together, she showcased who she is personally, professionally, and academically. She did this so viewers “get a holistic understanding of who [she is]”. Tameka’s pages include a lot of text, pictures, and videos. By viewing her Introduction Page, you learn about her interests. She’s included pictures of herself, the Pace Pleasantville crest, pictures of places to travel, and her long-term and short-term goals.

Tameka uses ePortfolio to highlight her achievements and campus involvement. She is currently the Vice President of Programming and posts flyers for events she has organized.  She also has the logos for the Dean’s List, Pforzheimer Honors College, and other organizations to highlight her academic achievements. Tameka shows rather than tells us she is a high achieving student by uploading visual examples of her honors and awards.

pic2Tameka has a passion for writing and created a page dedicated to it. Her page includes books and stories she loves as well as pieces she’s written herself. She also maintains a blog that is accessible via her ePortfolio page.

pic3Tameka shares her ePortfolio on LinkedIn and potential employers have given her great feedback. “[P]otential employers who look at my LinkedIn have said it’s a great resource and gives them a great knowledge of me as a personal and a potential employee”.  Her favorite aspect of ePortfolio is the ability to incorporate all different types of media onto it. “I have used a mixture of videos, pictures and word bubbles to add some color or accentuate my pages.”

Check out Tameka’s amazing ePortfolio here and make sure you work on your ePortfolio in time to enter our Spring Contest!

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