eTern’s Experiences on ePortfolio

Although the summer seems like a distant memory, that didn’t stop our eterns from sharing their wonderful summers through elaborate and creative ePortfolio pages. Our etern summer showcase brought together the Pleasantville and New York City teams and gave everyone the opportunity to get to know each other better.

Heidi spent the summer visiting the other side of the world. While traveling from Athens to Cyprus to Turkey and even the Vatican City, Heidi made sure to document her trips through amazing photos as well as personal descriptions. Heidi showcased her adventures using both the image gallery and slideshow options within ePortfolio.


Uri spent his summer interning at Marvel. Yes, Marvel, with all of the awesome superheroes. Through this experience he was able to see prereleases of the films as well as meet some of these “heroes”.


Meg’s summer was spent bettering and preparing herself for her career and I can tell what a great opportunity it was, just by looking at the page. Meg interned at KPMG and showed such potential; she was able to land a full time position for the Fall of 2015. Congratulations Meg!!!


Lucio, our newest member to the team, impressed us all with his ideas for future ePortfolio projects as well as with his pages as he is adjusting and getting accustomed to ePortfolio as a whole. Take a look at his videos, as he spends his spare time traveling and performing music.


Amanda on the other hand spent most of her summer local and working, unfortunately not in a cool vacation spot. However, she loves to travel and tries to escape every summer. For the eTern summer showcase she highlighted her travel page and showed off some of her cruising pictures.


Feel free to take a look at the eTern’s ePortfolio pages to get some ideas on how to display your passions and experiences.

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