November ePortfolio of the Month: Diana Mendez

November’s ePortfolio of the month winner is Diana Mendez. Diana is a sophomore Management major who expresses her love of sports, reading, and organization on her first ePortfolio page.  She has posted a few meaningful photos and has stated her goals which include a study abroad trip!  Diana was first introduced to ePortfolio by her advisor in her University 101 class. “At first, I had trouble understanding how to work the website,” Diana says. “After playing around with my profile and viewing other successful ePortfolios, I learned that it was like a fun resume where you can post pictures and write about experiences that matter to you the most”. When Diana makes additions to her ePortfolio, she likes to post pictures along with her experiences, as they give the viewer a better idea of those events. Diana has gotten a lot of great feedback from professors and students, with students telling her “it is fun to look at”. Diana’s favorite aspect of her ePortfolio is the opportunity to create her own page names.  She enjoys updating the page titles, such as “Leadership, Experience, and About Me.”



Diana’s Experience page highlights the different internships and jobs she’s done. Instead of just listing her experiences, she added pictures, some information about the companies, and her responsibilities. Diana’s portfolio highlights her intern experience in Human Resources, her current position as a student aide at Pace University, and her participation in the Career Opportunities in Accounting Profession program at St. Johns University.  Diana has presented her professional experiences in a very engaging way.


She also includes photos of sports teams she’s belonged to, as well as leadership activities at Pace. These include soccer, basketball, orientation leader, and peer leader. Diana is very proud of her achievements and has posted photos to show her viewers what those experiences were like.

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