October ePortfolio of the Month: Alex Saitta

From  biology major’s Alex Saitta’s ePortfolio pages, it is evident  that he is involved on campus, loves snowboarding, and  is an active volunteer.  You can also tell that he is a dedicated student since he has taken five to six courses every semester! You may never guess that Alex initially struggled to use ePortfolio. Read on and see how he evolved from novice to expert.

Alex was first introduced to ePortfolio during Orientation as an incoming freshman.  It was when his English professor required that he use the tool, that Alex began building his ePortfolio.

“[It was} confusing to say the least,” Alex recalled.”  “I had no idea what I was doing.”  Once Alex spent some time with the site, he was able to figure it out and even began helping friends with their ePortfolios!

Alex’s process of building an ePortfolio was a slow one.  Each year, his profile would evolve as he did.

“As I grew older and more mature, I realized the purpose of ePortfolio,” he said. “I began to embrace [it] and put more work into it.  It slowly started to come together, and I had more classwork to fill up the empty spaces.”

Alex’s favorite aspect of ePortfolio is the Introduction page where he has included pictures, commentary about who he is, a word collage, and a list of his skills.   “This page allowed me to show a side of myself you wouldn’t know by just viewing my coursework,” he explains.



Alex’s Microbiology page is where the majority of the editing took place.  It includes research articles, blogs, videos, images, and files.  This is a page that he put together for a course and later presented it to his class.  Though he was only required to make one page, he explains: “I’m not the type of person who could live with an incomplete profile.”  He received positive comments on his page, and said he felt proud to show his hard work to the class.

Alex’s Co-curricular Activities page uses several different types of media to show his involvement outside of the classroom.  He is a member of the Tri-Beta honor society and was involved in Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.

Alex has placed his ePortfolio link on his resume so his graduate school of choice can see the time and effort that went into his coursework.

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