New Semester, New Features!

In August, we completed our annual ePortfolio upgrade. As promised, this upgrade brought new features that will help customize your ePortfolio more than ever before. The way you edit and add content to your pages also got a sleek makeover. Read on as we show you around…

Additional Page Layout Options

Last semester, students expressed a desire to further customize their pages.  With the new page layout options, students can edit the number of rows and columns each page displays.  Creating a custom layout leads to even more exciting options for tailoring your page to perfection.


Embeddable PDFs

In addition to uploading a PDF as a file to download, you can now also embed the file on the page. This could be a great way to display your resume.


Editing Menu

No longer do you need to worry about dragging a content box all the way down a long page.  The new editing bar, now on the left instead of the top, moves with you as you scroll.  Some of the content boxes like “Files to Download” have new categories, so take some time to explore the new layout.


Responsive Design for Mobile Editing

While you could always view ePortfolios on mobile devices, now editing is also a possibility, thanks to the new responsive design. Now ePortfolio detects whether you are accessing the site on your computer, phone, or tablet and adjusts the screen size accordingly.



Have you received a digital badge for an accomplishment? We know our contest winners have! Now you can display these badges from your Mozilla Backpack to your ePortfolio.  The Open Badge content block is under the “External” section on the editing menu.” For more help with badges, email an eTern at


Journal Deletion Warning

No more accidentally deleting journals!  Now, before you delete a journal that is currently displayed on one of your pages, a pop up message appears to remind you that it is in use.


Quick Links on the Dashboard Page

While these green buttons debuted in the spring, we think they’re worth a second mention. With one click, the Create and Share buttons will direct you to your ready-to-edit Introduction page or to your edit access page, where you can control who can view your pages.

sevenBe sure to test out these new features by updating your ePortfolio with your summer experiences and fall goals!

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