Page Layouts: Basic, Advanced, Custom … Oh My!

There are several ways to customize ePortfolio pages with pictures, text, files, and videos. What other way can you add a little more custom flare? Easy…layouts!

Thanks to our latest upgrade, there are now many more ways to rearrange the content on your pages. These new layout options are easy to find. When customizing a page, select the “edit layout” tab. Here there are three categories: Basic, Advanced and Custom (located under Advanced).




Basic layouts give the user 10 options that include both columns and rows. An example of a basic layout can be seen below.




Advanced layouts give users the option to choose how many rows they would like their page to have. These layouts give users a little more freedom with their pages by giving them more design options on how they would like to distribute their content boxes.




Custom layouts can be found under advanced options. When creating a custom layout you can select how many columns you would like on the page and how wide you want them to be. Next, you can add rows. On the right hand side there is a small window giving a preview to what the layout will look like. Once the you finalize your layout is saved. Custom layouts are great for pages with a lot of information, as well as pages where users have more creative freedom, such as an introduction or travel page.



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