June ePortfolio of the Month: Sarah Santhouse

This month we are featuring the ePortfolio pages of business management major, Sarah Santhouse.

Sarah was first introduced to the tool by her orientation leader, Devante, during her first few weeks at Pace.  He made an impression on her since he actively used ePortfolio for his photography and other school work.  Sarah was able to get more practice with the platform later on in training sessions in her courses.

If you take a look at Sarah’s Co-curricular /Extracurricular Activities page you will begin to understand how involved and connected Sarah is as a student and as a business professional.  She is involved in community service events within her current internship position, wrote about it, included a picture, and a hyperlink to the site that she designed herself!  Sarah does a great job of showcasing herself to her audience.


In the beginning, ePortfolio overwhelmed Sarah- there was so much material to include, she did not know where to start.  When describing her public speaking class experience, Sarah stated: “Fortunately, my professor had specific features she wanted us to use for the assignment associated with ePortfolio and it gave me a taste of all that was available to me.”  She learned the basics in class, and then through trial and error she mastered ePortfolio at home.

One piece of advice any eTern will tell you is to click through the viewer before logging in to ePortfolio to view student samples for ideas and inspiration.  Sarah did this on her own by looking at the different layouts and pictures that her friends were using.

Her friends then give her tips on what looks good and her peers give feedback on assignments and papers before submission.  Since ePortfolios are always works in progress, feedback is a key to triumph.

Sarah showed her portfolio to her current employer who encouraged her to include it on her resume because “it gave her an idea of what kind of person I was based on what I thought was worthy of [including] on my personal site.”

“I believe that one look at my ePortfolio will show you that I have become more confident in my abilities, that I’ve learned so much about the business world and can apply it to my life every day, and that my education and professional development is incredibly important to me” Sarah said.

“Having an ePortfolio attached my name to all of the hard work I’ve put in to my education and can show whoever looks me up that I am a worthwhile member of the Pace University community with a lot to offer.”




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