Sneak Peak of 1.9: Our eTerns’ Favorite New Features

By the time students return for the fall semester, ePortfolio will have a new look, more options for adding content, and new features in place to make the process of creating ePortfolios easier. Mahara (the software Pace uses for ePortfolio) released version 1.9 last month. Since then, our eTerns have been testing the new site and have been exploring the new features. Check out each eTern’s favorite new feature below!

pic1Meg likes the Warning Messages before Deleting Journals and Pages:

The newest version of ePortfolio essentially thinks for you by preventing unwanted deletions.  Before you delete a journal that is currently displayed on a page a pop up message appears that lets you know the number pages that contain the journal.

pic2Similarly, if you delete a page that is in a collection, ePortfolio also warns you.  A reminder will appear notifying you that the page is part of a collection.  It provides a link to the collection for you to check whether you really want to delete the page.

pic3Heidi Tested the Caption Feature for Image Galleries:

Now users can add captions to image galleries!  The image will appear with its description automatically. In the past students would need to number the images and include a text box with numbered captions for each image. This new feature makes it easier for students to display images with the proper captions, and it makes it easier for viewers to know exactly which caption goes with which picture.

pic4Sabiya is Excited About Skins: Add Custom CSS

If you are all about personalizing your pages, then ePortfolio’s Custom CSS update is for you!  Before, you were allowed to tweak the CSS to change some elements on the pages, but now with ePortfolio’s update, you will be able to include more CSS than ever! All you have to do is expand the bottom of the “Custom CSS” text box and drop your code in. When you are done, hit save and see your amazing updates or cancel if you want to rework your code.

Uri tests Feedback

When someone would leave you feedback on your page in Version 1.7 it would appear at the very bottom, unable to be moved.  Now you are in control since you can choose to delete or move the feedback to any place on your page. After all, there’s no point in hiding good feedback!

pic5Uri likes the Creative Commons Licenses

An update which may go unnoticed by many is the choice you now have regarding which creative commons license you wish to use.  In version 1.8 you were only able to use 3.0, however in version 1.9 you are able to choose to use either 3.0 or 4.0.

“The 4.0 licenses — more than two years in the making — are the most global, legally robust licenses produced by CC to date. We have incorporated dozens of improvements that make sharing and reusing CC-licensed materials easier and more dependable than ever before.”

Students will want to use this feature in order to protect the work that they are sharing.  They can decide whether others can re-use the work or remix it to create something new.

pic6Andrew Enjoys More Page Layout Options

Now users have more options for adding columns and rows to their pages. The update offers a greater variety in new and diverse built-in layouts compared to previous versions, 1.9 also integrates a way for students to create custom layouts based upon the size and number of rows/columns.



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