Identifying Good Design and Bad Design on ePortfolio

You have 50 milliseconds to make a good impression with your ePortfolio. According to the research of Foliotek, a project gathered to spread knowledge over beautiful digital design, humans are inclined to look for aesthetically pleasing images in their daily lives. They are capable of recognizing an appearance and making a judgment on it almost immediately after experiencing it.

What does this mean for the average student?

Basically, the more well-crafted and appealing your ePortfolio is, there is a far greater chance a potential employer will recognize it. Even if your content itself is sound, a poorly organized and designed layout will likely discourage any prospective employers from creating a fair assessment.

                        Before                                                                            After

Andrew Intro MessyAndrew Intro Clean








Consider the pages above to be an example of how you can identify and refine your ePortfolio.

If any of your pages resemble the image to the left, spend some time reworking your design. Keep in mind the universal standards Foliotek established when reworking your page’s layout. This includes awareness over:

  • Legible fonts
  • Logically structured and organized content
  • Appropriately fitting images
  • Topical proximity
  • And many others

With a little work and some time, everything will soon fall into place.

                        Before                                                                          After
Heidi Intro AwfulHeidi Intro Clean






Just like that!

For more information related to Foliotek and visual design, head over to:

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