May ePortfolio of the Month: Sashel Marquis-Wedderburn

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Sashel, a graduate student in the MCA program, virtually introduces herself on her portfolio by highlighting some of her skills and role models.  All of her pages include a creative commons license which protects the materials on her pages and ensures that viewers give Sashel credit for her unique work.


Sashel’s other pages describe some of the transformations that she has made.  Her page “From West Florida to Westchester” shows how involved she was during her undergraduate years.

If you take a look at Sashel’s Academic Materials page you will see final papers, presentations, and a digital story.  These are all organized neatly into two columns and all artefacts on the page are important.

sashel2 (2)

Her next page, Achievements and Awards, showcases her diplomas, honor roll certificates, and student of the month awards.  This page illustrates that Sashel has been recognized for accomplishments in the World Affairs Organization, Model United Nations, and for various volunteer activities.  You can tell from the feedback on the page that she is admired for all of these achievements!

The photographs page features photos that Sashel has taken to commemorate events.  She has described each one, letting viewers know where the photos were taken.  Whoever comes across this page will see Sashel’s creative side!

The final page that Sashel included in her portfolio is the resume and recommendations page.  This is where potential employers may see her resume as an image file, and read recommendations attesting to her “pleasant, professional, respectful, honest, dedicated, and diligent” personality!  Sashel’s ePortfolio represents a responsible, involved student with plenty of goals and skill sets to obtain those goals.

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