Protecting your Information on ePortfolio

Selecting some of your ePortfolio pages to share with the public is a great way to obtain a positive web presence—and maybe even get the attention of a potential employer. But before you change your permission settings, make sure you carefully consider what you share.


When you post material online, it is linked to your name and indexed in search engines’ archives.  Even if you make your page private later, the information may still be displayed in the search results descriptions:

image with arrowPreserve your safety and reputation by carefully monitoring what you post.

Consider these tips for safe-sharing:

  • Remove your address before posting your resume on a public page: Use your email address instead
  • Delete anything you would not want a possible employer to see, or anything you would not want published in the newspaper
  • Carefully choose your privacy settings.  If you want to show a potential employer your ePortfolio, but do not want to set your page to public, use a secret URL.
  • If you want to share some pages but not others, create a collection.
  • If your portfolio was public at one point, but you changed your settings back to private, some of your information may still by seen in the search engine’s page descriptions. Google yourself to see what your current web presence looks like.  If the information is still being displayed, submit a request with Google.  Or, remove the personal content from page, make it public again so search engines like Google can re-index it, then make it private again.

If you have any questions about ePortfolio privacy, email the ePortfolio team at

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