How an ePortfolio Landed This Pace Alum a Full-Time Position

Harrison C. Davies is a recent graduate of the Masters in Media and Communications Arts Program who just landed a full time position as Marketing & Administrative Associate at Shane Fit, LLC Corporate Offices in Westchester County. Despite the intense interview process and a pool of over 100 applicants, Davies cinched the deal thanks to his rich experiences and skill sets—and his ePortfolio that captured both.

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Davies created his ePortfolio as part of his coursework in Dr. Michelle Pulaski Behling’s Industry Theory and Practice Class. “It was the ePortfolio that I developed and maintained in Industry Theory & Practice that my boss told me set me apart from the steep competition and made HR want me,” Davies said.

We asked Davies a few questions about the process of creating an ePortfolio that gave him his edge.

What types of pages did you create for your ePortfolio?

I created pages that I knew would do two things: Highlight my strongest skills and also fall into categories that potential employers in my respective field would look for.

What did you post on them?

Since ePortfolio is electronic, I wanted to focus the most on and take full advantage of the multimedia capabilities wherin I flooded the page with web links, photos, and video files, items that cannot be in the typical paper resume.

How did you make your employer aware of your ePortfolio?

After my initial phone interview where items that were on my ePortfolio were mentioned, I sent the link to my current boss, for review and to highlight the skills I knew I could bring to the new position. It also was discussed several times during my formal interview.

How so?

The ePortfolio came up most prominently with my documentary video files. Since the job I was applying for had a lot of media production components to it, this was the perfect way to “show off” my suburb media skills.

Davies's Media Samples page showcases videos, fliers and documents he created.

Davies’s Media Samples page showcases videos, fliers and documents he created.

What would you like other students to know about ePortfolios?

ePortfolio is great for two things: Demonstrating your multimedia skills in a professional and simple manner, and also setting yourself above from the competition. All other applicants will have a resume, references, and a cover letter. They WILL NOT all have an eportfolio, if done correctly it can secure you a full time job with benefits and a competitive salary. I am living proof.

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