Quick Tips: Get your ePortfolio in Shape for the Career Fair!

It’s Career Fair season, so now is the time to get your ePortfolio employer-ready!  If you’re an ePortfolio user, chances are you’ve already uploaded documents potential employers want to see, including your resume, work samples, and recommendations. We came up with a few extra steps to make your ePortfolio easy for employers to find and navigate, so you can shine among the competition!

Connect your ePortfolio and LinkedIn Accounts:

Have you thought of including a “button” to access your LinkedIn profile?  You can create one in three easy steps:

  1. Upload the LinkedIn logo to your files section in ePortfolio
  2.  Display the LinkedIn logo in a text box (see the tutorial on www.pace.edu/eportfolio)
  3. Hyperlink the image to your LinkedIn profile

eTern Meg walks through each of these steps in less than five minutes in this short video.

You can go a step further by providing a link to your ePortfolio on your LinkedIn profile.  Just log in and click “Edit Contact Info” and add a portfolio link. Insert your Secret URL, or use the public link (https://eportfolio.pace.edu/public/YourUsername) if you’ve made your pages public.




Right click this image to save and upload it.

Create a Collection:

To create a career collection, we suggest you create a few pages especially for a potential employer (maybe your Introduction, resume page, related academic work, and internship experience).  Then, link these pages and set the permissions to your liking.  Remember: when you share your pages with the public: anyone, in OR outside of the Pace community, will be able to view your pages.  When you choose the secret URL option, you can share your pages with someone outside of the University without making your portfolio public.

Consider the Resume Feature:

If you want your resume to be embedded on the page, check out the resume feature in the content tab! Here you can input your information and later embed it on any ePortfolio page.



Want more tips? Contact acadtech@pace.edu to set up your career ePortfolio!

Good luck at the Career Fair!

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