March ePortfolio of the Month: Shari Bissoondatt

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This is Shari Bissoondatt.  This bright Media and Communications graduate student enjoys telling her story on ePortfolio.  “By telling your story, someone can get a better sense of who you are as an individual,” she says.  We agree!

Shari was first introduced to ePortfolio in an Industry Theory and Practice course.  Like many others, she was intimidated and nervous to start using the new tool, and she did not think she had anything worthwhile to include in her portfolio.  After some reflection, Shari thought of major points that she wanted to share with her viewers, such as her cultural background, and realized she had plenty of material to include.  She now thinks ePortfolio is “easy to navigate and is very user friendly!”

If you scroll through Shari’s pages, you will see a bird symbol on each one.  This symbolizes freedom and flight.  Shari said that each year in college she “soared a bit higher” pursuing her dreams, and accomplishing her goals.  Her experience creating an ePortfolio “reminded her about how much [she has] learned over the years and how much [she has] to be thankful for.”  Just by glancing at Shari’s ePortfolio, you can tell that she values family and travel, is knowledgeable about culture, and has been involved in her community.  Excellence in her courses is demonstrated on her Academic Showcase page.

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