February’s ePortfolio of the Month: Jackie Saviano

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Jackie Saviano is an artistic Media and Communication Arts major here at Pace University.  She loves to show off her creativity with her ePortfolio and takes pride in her posts.  For example, she created a page that features a fundraising event which Jackie helped coordinate.  It includes hyperlinks to pieces that she has written, and images to help illustrate her work.

Jackie’s ePortfolio journey began in her sophomore year in English and creative writing courses.  Jackie was required to use ePortfolio in classes, but then decided to get more imaginative with it.  She was aware of the benefits of ePortfolio and put them to great use!  Jackie is grateful that professors required her to use ePortfolio in class.  She admits it was challenging at first to remember all of the work and achievements throughout her college career.  This reflection process helped her see what stood out “as far as who [she] is as a person and a student.”  It showed her what lessons were most important in her college career, and what meant the most to her.

Sharing her ePortfolio pages with others has proven to be beneficial.  Jackie knows that feedback is helpful when keeping a portfolio and embraces comments and constructive criticism.  She even has a page about it!  She also included a link to her ePortfolio on her resume so potential employers can take a look at her professional preparation page, along with her academic writing samples.

Jackie still adds to her pages now, even after graduation.  She especially loves how she can put her own original spin on the pages.  In her own words: “There are very few guidelines to it and that’s what makes for a unique and educational experience every time you view someone’s page. We’re all special in our own way and it’s important that we take the time to look back at what we’ve accomplished and use it toward a brighter future.”

If you would like to take a look back at what you’ve accomplished, why don’t you start building an ePortfolio?  You could even win $200 by entering the spring ePortfolio contest.  To get started, log in to https://eportfolio.pace.edu/.

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