Sneak Peak: Mahara 1.8

The new features for Mahara 1.8 have been released! In April 2014, Pace’s ePortfolio system will be upgraded, bringing many exciting new features. Here are a few of our eTerns’ favorite new features:

Entirely New Icon Set

New Icons on the homepage will make all ePortfolio icons more user-friendly than ever before. They are also larger so it will be more accessible on tablets and even smaller devices (such as kindles, iPhones, etc.).

“Content Chooser” Vertical and On the Left

The content chooser will be a vertical bar on the left hand side. This accommodates longer pages when dragging new content. Also, the “Text Box” and “Image” content choices are on the top of the content chooser, because users have revealed that these are the two most common content choices.

Drag and Drop Files

A more simple uploading experience is ahead! Instead of clicking “browse” to upload files, you can drag and drop your files directly onto the designated “drop zone”. This will work with the majority of modern up-to-date internet browsers.

Page Layouts Will be More Flexible

Page layouts will now have more flexibility than just numbers of columns. Pages can have rows in addition to columns! There is also a “Create custom layout” option, which can help you customize the size of the rows and columns.

“Elasticsearch” search plugin

Users will be able to do a fulltext search through ePortfolio!

Resume Attachments

Users who take advantage of the Resume feature will now be able to upload file attachments to accompany the resume. These attachments can include a certificate, a diploma, etc.

PDF Embedding on a Page

PDF files can now be fully embedded in an ePortfolio page! Users can see and interact (i.e. zoom in an out) with the full PDF , no matter how many pages it has.

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