Appearance IS Important. Even with ePortfolios.

Humans are interested in beauty; we gravitate towards what looks good.  If your ePortfolio page looks good, employers will spend more time looking at it.

Make your ePortfolio pleasing to the eye by using advice from Geoff Leigh, Director of Product Development at Foliotek Inc.:

  • Use repetition and contrast to make ideas pop
  • Align content to clean up pages
  • Have a meaningfully organized design
  • Choose readable fonts
  • Utilize significant images
  • Be sure that all content adds value
  • Keep all material professional and interesting

Check out Nelli Agbulos’s ePortfolio page, which incorporates many of these elements (click the image to enlarge):


According to Leigh’s studies, people have emotional reactions with visual pleasure and thus associate that item with positive thoughts.  The physical stereotype has been proven so making your pages visually pleasing will benefit you!  To get started on your ePortfolio beautification, pick an idea that you would like to convey.  Then, focus your content around that idea and organize it accordingly.  Get your message across and then ask others for feedback and advice.

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