ePortfolio Research to be Presented at Undergraduate Research Ceremony

A year of ePortfolio research will be presented at the Dyson College of Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Research Ceremony on May 1 in the Gottesman Room in the Kessel Student Center. Led by Professor Emeritus Dr. Linda Anstendig and Pfortzheimer Honors College Senior Jemma York, the project focused on the student perception of ePortfolios.

Dr. Linda Anstendig and Jemma York.


The reserach was conducted through  a series of interviews of interviews. Among the many comments that can be found on the results page, student Caylie Lahrer offered a few words about her own ePortfolio experience.

“ePortfolio helps me think more deeply about what I’ve learned because you can add creative things to it.  I liked to add visuals and videos and articles relating to projects I posted on ePortfolio, ” she said.

More clips from the student interviews can be seen in the project’s digital story.

While Jemma pursued an exciting internship in Washington D.C., eTerns Megan Burke and Hana Ljubicic, helped complete the student interviews and compile the results. The benefits, student and faculty experiences, journal, and can be accessed through the project’s ePortfolio.

Though Jemma’s time at Pace is coming to a close, the project will continue to evolve. “Even though I graduate next month, I remain committed to enhancing our research – and to helping ensure the article’s completion and publication.”

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