End of the Semester Checklist

Now that the end of the semester is weeks away, it’s a good time to take a look back and reflect on the semester. Rather than putting away all those papers, posts, and projects, display your best work on your ePortfolio. We’ve come up with seven simple ways to get you started.

  • Got a discussion board post that you are particularly proud of?  Take a screenshot of it, post it to ePortfolio as an image file, and add commentary/explanations in the image description.

  • Post an updated copy of your resume, or update your resume using the resume feature under the content tab.

  • Consider creating a reflective journal to review the struggles and successes of your semester.

  • If you are finishing up  an internship, ask your supervisor for a recommendation letter to be posted on ePortfolio.
  • Using the plans feature, create goals for next semester.



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