Did you know you could put that on ePortfolio?

For those of you who want to further enhance your ePortfolio, this post will interest you. There is now a way to include voice recordings, videos, animated custom avatars, and Prezi presentations on ePortfolio. Below is an image of how to get these materials on ePortfolio and here is a link to some examples!

Voice Thread is a site created to make online classes more interactive. In my example, I used it to record my voice with an image in the background.
Glogster is a site which allows users to create attractive “glogs” or groups of text, images, and videos. Glogster has premade templates including interactive resumes, videos, and projects.
Voki lets you create your own Avatar and add your voice as an audio clip.
Prezi, or the “zooming presentation editor” allows users to create new presentations or import PowerPoint presentations to create a more interesting presentation.
Vimeo is a site where videos can be uploaded and shared.
Slideshare allows users to upload content (like PowerPoints) and share them with others.
WikiEducator provides eLearning content that anyone can edit and use.

Each of these sites are great for displaying content in fresh, innovative ways. Let us know how you’re using these tools!

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