It’s Here…Introducting Mahara 1.5!!

The fall semester has taken off, bringing with it a revitalized ePortfolio, ready for you to explore! This summer the ITS team worked hard to upgrade our Mahara ePortfolio software from 1.2 to 1.5. With this big jump comes lots of new features and a more intuitive interface. Here are the top ten new Mahara features—be sure to log in and try them out!

1. Creating pages: While the traditional seven pages are still available to you (Introduction, Academic Materials, Extracurricular/ Co-curricular Activities, Professional Preparation/Resume, Showcase, Recommendations, Rubrics), you now have the power to create more pages, re-name pages and delete ones you don’t use.

2. Collections: This features allows you to organize your ePortfolio pages into separate groups. For examples, you might place your career-related pages into one career ePortfolio, like eTern Michelle.

3.       Plans: If you love checklists, you’ll love this feature. Plans are a new section under the “content” tab that allow users to create plans, or goals, then create tasks to accomplish the goal. Users set a completion date next to each task, so you can hold yourself accountable! Plans can be shared or kept private.

4.       Resume: You’ve always been able to upload your resume via file or text box, but this new resume builder gives it a more polished look. After filling in all of your information, you can select which pieces you’d like to display on an ePortfolio page.

5.       Notes: Previously in ePortfolio you probably used text boxes to post simple text on your pages (such as your goals and skills). Now textboxes are stored as “notes” under the content tab, enabling you to display text boxes on multiple ePortfolio pages (it also acts as a safeguard in case you accidentally delete a text box!).

6.       Enhanced Groups: Just like you create your own ePortfolio pages, now you can create collaborative group pages. To add pages to an existing group, just open your ePortfolio group and click the “pages” tab. Our eTern team created their own group pages that listed their office hours.

7.       Edit-to-view back buttons: No more constant clicking around—now you can easily move from viewing to editing in one click.

8.       Easier Navigation: While browsing friends’ pages  you can always find your way back home by using the quick links seen by hovering your mouse over the little white arrow next to the ePortfolio logo.

9.       Image Gallery : This feature allows you upload several images at once and gives your three options for displaying: slideshow, side-by-side thumbnails, or side-by-side square thumbnails.

10.   Google Apps:  Now you can use your ePortfolio to display your Google books, docs, calendars and maps! eTern Breanna already experimented by putting her office hours calendar on our eTern group page.

What’s your favorite new feature? Let us know in the comments! If you need help navigating through these changes, feel free to contact us at

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