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The questions always arise when I teach others how to use the ePortfolio: what’s the difference between this and the many other social networking sites that have been the center fold of our lives since the early 2000s? Why would I use ePortfolio when I have LinkedIn, Facebook, and Blackboard? The answer is simple: why not? A digital portfolio is what employers want to see.

A good friend of mine recently showed me her paper portfolio, which included an array of accomplishments, writing examples, personal statements, and other work samples that she would bring into interviews with her. While her portfolio was impressive, I could not help but think, when would someone actually read that? Would the employer flip through it in the interview and what if shey wanted to keep it? What if my friend applied to ten jobs and each employer wanted a portfolio? For a competitive job market doesn’t that seem a little costly?

ePortfolio is the digital portfolio to match this digital worlda world where employers have limited time and when they might find it easier to Google your name then flip though a 20 page portfolio. It’s a professional platform that combats any poor self-image you might have accidentally created on Facebook. So when your name is Googled, the first thing that pops up is your accomplishments– no page flipping required, with different materials that will impress various employers. Know what’s better? You control it all. You pick the level of privacy, you decide what format you have and what goes on each page.

The point of college is to experience growth:.

“You can’t follow your procession in Blackboard… you have that ability to watch as you progress to from a navist to an advanced learner in ePortfolio. ” –Hillary J. Knepper

For younger students this might seem ambiguous and cheesy – but what is the point of investing in an institution if you do not learn or grow? Then again, how do you know you have grown? I entered college nearly oblivious about how to construct my thoughts and ideas into written language – isn’t that for English and journalism majors? It was not until I started posting research papers on ePortfolio that I began to understand how much I have grown as a student. What does an “A” mean anyway, and what do you do with that paper once you get that “A”? Well, share it, be proud of it, place it on your ePortfolio. How do you show growth on Facebook and Linked In? Even with this new timeline, I am pretty sure you can’t. Most employers want individuals that write and to show growth through your writing is like killing two birds with one stone.

, I have complied five main differences that students can experience with ePortfolio in lieu of other websites: Classroom Activities, Professionalism, Privacy, Digital Media, and Flexibility. Take a look and see what the main differences are between ePortfolio and other networking sites.

For more info on privacy problems on Facebook, check out this article on The Consumerist.

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