11 New ePortfolio Updates For 2011

Happy New Year! 2010 was a very good for ePortfolios. It brought a successful pilot program, the first ePortfolio teaching circles, ePortfolio accounts for all faculty, students and staff, a giant leap in the amount of active ePortfolio users (approximately 250- 1,500 users from Jan.-Dec.!), and many more accomplishments that expanded the use of ePortfolios on all campuses. It’s going to be a tough year to beat, but so far 2011 is looking like a strong competitor. Here are 11 ePortfolio updates and programs that you can expect to hear about in 2011:

1. A new look: If you’ve logged into ePortfolio this week, you probably couldn’t help but notice our new sleek, clean, Pace-branded template. Keep checking the blog for more details about the new template, designed by AmeriCorps intern, NJ Abang.

2. Connect to Learning Grant: Pace University was one of 22 universities and colleges nation-wide selected to participate in the Connect to Learning Grant, a national, three year grant funded by FISPE, which focuses on connecting ePortfolios with student learning. Linda Anstendig, BethKlingner, Sarah Burns-Feyl and Jim Stenerson form the leadership team for this grant.

3. 2011-2012 Thinkfinity Grant: ePortfolio was awarded its second Thinkfinity Grant! The ePortfolio Team will use this grant to expand the progress of the 2010-2011 Thinkfinity Grant to further develop an effective ePortfolio program for students, faculty and staff.

4. Assignment Guide: A new document has been added to the collection of resources designed for faculty who wish to implement ePortfolios in their courses. Taken from the syllabi of Pace professors, this guide contains assignments from courses of multiple disciplines that incorporateePortfolios. The guide will soon be posted on http://www.pace.edu/eportfolio.

5. Student Leadership Pilot: Pleasantville’s Office of Student Development and Campus Activities (SDCA)is teaming up with ePortfolio to create a leadership certificate program for student leaders. Students will create a robust Extracurricular/Co-curricular Activities page, and will blog about their development as a leader. After successfully completing the pilot, students will be the first recipients of SDCA’s leadership certificate.

6. ePortfolio Assessment Pilot: We will pilot using ePortfolios to evaluate evidence of students’ learning. Starting with selected courses that are requiring ePortfolios, we will gather a few teams of faculty reviewers (3 on a team—faculty not teaching those courses) to read a sampling of course ePortfolios for evidence of student learning outcomes, focusing on Communication, Analysis, and Information Literacy and Research Skills.

7. Career Services Pilot: A select group of students participating in internships this semester will use ePortfolios to blog about their experience and to post artifacts from their position. Faculty advisors will use the blog instead of the traditional internship log to review students’ progress and grant them credit.

8. ePortfolio Awards Ceremony: Though we’ve only had campus-wide ePortfolio accounts for less than six months, we’ve already spotted some outstanding student ePortfolios. This spring, the ePortfolio team will be rewarding such ePortfolios at a special award ceremony, which will be combined with the WEC awards in early May.

9. ECHO 360 Video data base: In this age of distance learning, ECH360 is emerging as a powerful tool to bring the classroom experience virtually anywhere. Now, with the creation of a growing collection of ePortfolio ECHO 360 tutorials, it’s easier than ever to introduce your class to ePortfolios—even if you’re not an expert yourself. Visit the ECHO 360 section of the tutorials page on www.pace.edu/eportfolio.

10. Spring 2011 Teaching Circles: Our second ePortfolio Teaching Circle Seminar will kick-off next month, starting another semester of discussions focused on ePortfolio pedagogical issues. If you’re interested, or know a colleague that might be, visit www.pace.edu/eportfolio for the digital application. The application deadline is January 30.


11. Campus Tour Guides Embrace ePortfolios: Next month Pleasantville campus tour guides from the Welcome Center will be formally introduced to ePortfolios. Jose Infante, Assistant Director of the Welcome Center and Enrollment Services, hopes tour guides will use their ePortfolio to give a snapshot of their unique Pace experiences to incoming students.





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