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Summary/Minutes–EPortfolio Meeting, September 15, 2009
We had a lively, productive meeting with participation from faculty, staff, and administrators from across Pace. Here is a summary of major items, questions, and issues raised:
• Ravi Ravishanker, our new CIO spoke about his willingness to work with faculty and staff in order to build an electronic portfolio platform suitable for Pace’s needs; he stated that we should not worry about technology issues, but rather focus on what common features and categories we would like the eportfolio to have and how we would like to organize the categories (“buckets and tabs”) and artifacts (documents, Ppt, work) that students will post
• At this point some faculty are using various platforms or sites for individual course portfolios—Epsilen, customized Websites, Pace in-house template, wikis and/or blogs, but we hope to have our own portal/platform built by DOIT to pilot in spring, 2010
• Question of oversight and administration of eportfolio that goes beyond individual course assessment tool was discussed—as the eportfolio initiative evolves at Pace faculty, staff, and administrators will be working together to make decisions based on use, context, and purpose
• In addition to common features listed on agenda, the following categories were suggested: Professional preparation/internships/service learning/employment; Recommendations/testimonials; Showcase features, such as awards and certification; Co-curricular activities; Student life and extra-curricular activities; Interests/hobbies; Capstone course; Learning outcomes assessment
• Possible areas for eportfolio pilot—CIS—Clout program; UNV 101 in NY and PLV; INT course for Exploring Majors and Careers in NY and PLV; English PLV Capstone course; SOE-NY Capstone; MS in Publishing program; Internship courses; MA in Communications; others to be added
• Possible uses for eportfolios beyond course, program, co-curricular and extracurricular areas: Pace Advising, Lifelong learning, alumni, transfer students, adult returning students
• Explore ways to integrate Pace eportfolio with social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
• Eportfolio system should be made appealing to students: they should be able to individualize their pages; they need to be motivated to build their portfolios and see them as important component of their college education and career preparation
• Importance of Reflections feature—prompts to assist students with cover letters and reflections can be built into system
• Students who have had experience with eportfolios should be invited to give their input about what they would like eportfolio system to look like and to accomplish
• The system can be a repository for student work and other material from first year to last year, but it would not be static: the eportfolios can be revised, and work selected senior year to showcase their achievements
• Rubrics may be built into system and customized for different purposes; students would be able to get feedback from peers, professors and potential employers
• Those interested in being part of Thinkfinity Grant will meet on Thursday, September 24, at 12:15 in Dyson v-c rooms
• Everyone is encouraged to extend this discussion on the blog:

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