Electronic Portfolio-Getting Started

In preparation for our September 15th meeting, we’d like to begin a discussion about what  core elements should be part of the Pace Electronic Portfolio  (PEP) system.   While we recognize there might be different uses among the various schools and administrative areas, the system will be linked to Banner and will allow us the flexibility to  incorporate both common requirements as well as customized ones. 

To get the discussion started Beth and I came up with our own “bucket list” of what we would like student eportfolios to  include.  We will list them below and would like to hear your comments, suggestions, questions about them as well as  other issues pertaining to the eportfolio, based on your readings and/or personal experiences.

 Here is our  preliminary list:

  • Introduction, Cover Page, Table of Contents
  • Rationale, Goals, and/or Purpose for  eportfolio
  • Artifacts, including papers, projects, presentations
  • Reflections
  • Rubrics and Pace Learning Outcomes
  • Resume

We hope you will participate in the blog before September 13th, so that Beth and I can summarize your ideas.   We look forward to hearing  from you and seeing you at the meeting.



on “Electronic Portfolio-Getting Started
8 Comments on “Electronic Portfolio-Getting Started
  1. Hi Linda,
    Can we add “capstone experience/project” to the list.
    A capstone project can be associated with a wide variety of different courses and the capstone experience can refer to an academic year(s).


  2. Hi, All,
    I am also wondering about adding ‘collaborations’ to the list. It is a process of student learning and highlights the social and interdependent nature of knowledge building.

  3. I hope that we can list the Core Learning Outcomes, and then give the students “spaces” where they can upload/share projects and papers, etc. that demonstrate their skills in each Learning Outcome.

    Can we FORCE them to do this? As a graduation requirement?

    Do the majors and professional schools also have documented Learning outcomes that could be available in the system, and then made visible in a student’s e-portfolio, based on their major?

    I’m sure I have other thoughts, but that’s what comes to mind off the top of my head!



  4. Good Afternoon,
    I am new to this e-portfolio so I am here to learn. I believe there is great potential, especially for my criminal justice majors. Currently I have a faculty member who has been nominated by President Obama for a key position in Washington. As part of his background investigation he was required to produce a copy of everything he published, or was quoted in. While he felt that his preparation of his dossier for tenure and promotion was helpful in this context, I have a feeling that the e-portfolio may open new doors for students in the future when they apply for employment.

  5. Joe

    You are absolutely right. If we do this right and train the students to use it right, this can become an ongoing repository of their work over time which has been assessed and refined (as appropriate), all in one place (so they don’t have to go and hunt them down), which can be packaged and presented to prospective employers or referred to in a grad school application. The key is going to be the adoption rate and “expectation management” of this as an evolving process and technology.


  6. Since Joe brought up the concept of using the e-portfolios to show potential employers, I would like to propose that we not forget about the co-curricular and extracurricular activities that students participate in during their time at Pace. That could mean anything from participating in the “Tunnel of Oppression” sessions to taking on a leadership role in the Relay for Life on campus.

  7. I am currently using eportfolios in my graduate course using the epsilen platform. These portfolios will be created for a professional audience. I am very interested in continuing the discussion on Pace’s eportfolio platform.

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